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What our clients say

Fire Claim

Terry lost his business when his shop burnt down. After trying to "go it alone" Terry came to us.
"The way my claim was handled by my insurance company was a disgrace. I would've been completely lost without Claimrite!"


Free Initial Assessment

We get all the information about what has happened and what has happened since the incident

We look at your insurance policy to determine your entitlements. This is important because most people don’t know what their policy really covers.

We review all the documentation you have regarding the incident

Based on the information provided we work out the best way forward to achieve a favourable outcome

Types of Claims

We Work For You - Not For Your Insurer

icon fire

Fire Damage

Fire damage claims, kitchen fires, faulty appliances, poor electrics and accidents can all set off sparks

icon theft

Theft Claim

Theft claims can include stolen property and employee theft

icon storms

Storm Damage

Propery storm damage claims include fallen trees, roof or tile damage, fence damage

icon waterdamamge

Water Damage

Water Damage claims include water ingress from burst pipes and appliance leaks

icon impact damage

Impact Damage

Impact damage claims include impacts on your property by cars or trucks, falling trees, aerials and poles

icon accidental

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage claims that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected incident which is not deliberate

icon malicious

Malicious Damage

Damage motivated by malice, vindictiveness or spite can include holes kicked into doors, smashed windows and grafitti

icon other claims

All Other Claims

All claims of any size or complexity (and in any State or Territory)

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