About Claimrite Insurance Loss Assessors

Claimrite are independent Public Insurance Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Negotiators

We act for you, the policy holder not your insurer

Most people do not know what their insurance policy really covers or what they are truly entitled to in the event of a claim.

Nor do they realise that the onus is on them to establish that they have a claim on their insurance policy. They think the insurance company will do this for them but that is not the case.

Claimrite’s more than 26 years’ experience and knowledge allow us to work with you toward a more favourable settlement

We can deal with the claim right from the start or when the policy holder is in dispute with their insurer right up to settlement.

Successful insurance claims are based on process. Following the right process dramatically increases the chances of a successful claim.

When problems arise, we deal with them without delay thus reducing the likelihood of further problems arising

We have a very high track record of success not only at the insurer’s level but also with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority whose role it is to consider complaints that a policy holder has against their insurer by deciding appropriate outcomes.

Much of this success is due to our network of experts including engineers, builders, plumbers, legal representatives and others appropriate to the dispute being dealt with at the time along with the provision of detailed submissions to the insurer’s dispute resolution team and to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority to gain acceptance of the claim and to maximise the benefit for the policy holder.

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We save you time, money and effort by taking away the stress and fustration of dealing with your insurance company.  If you don't think your claim is going as planned you can come to us.

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