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Public insurance loss assessing in South Australia was a concept developed by Dennis Whiley in 1979. Dennis first honed his skills in the insurance industry as an insurance adjuster with an Adelaide based insurance company but soon realised that many consumers were not getting their full entitlements from their insurer so he sought a way to rectify this anomaly. From there Insurance Adjusting Services, the only loss assessing company working exclusively for the policy holder in South Australia, was born.

Dennis and his team achieved a reputation for being a strong advocate for consumers who had not been dealt fairly by their insurance company. His negotiating skills and those as a qualified arbitrator and mediator and his overall knowledge of the insurance industry gave him the edge when dealing with the insurance companies.

He gathered a network of experts around him in order to ensure the best outcome when claims were being disputed. As a result, a very high success rate was achieved not only at the insurer’s level but also with the Ombudsman.

Dennis had a determination to stand up for what was right for the policy holder. His whole aim was to see the policy holder dealt with in a fair and just manner by having them receive everything they were entitled to under the conditions of their insurance policy.

Dennis’s legacy is being carried on by Pauline Richter who is the CEO and leader of the same dedicated team for the rebranded company, Claimrite Insurance Loss Assessors. The company is expanding on the good work started by Dennis by more accurately describing what public loss assessing is all about, that is looking after the best interests of the insured.

Pauline worked with Dennis from 1994 as a public loss assessor. Dennis instilled in her the same values, ideals, dedication and determination that he had in achieving the very best outcomes for the policy holder.

Claimrite’s mission is to continue to always have the interests of the insured at heart by ensuring fairness, justice and equity remain the key focus.

pauline richter 
Dennis Whiley 1942 - 2019 
 Dennis Whiley
 Pauline Richter

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