Claimrite Insurance Loss Assessors

Claimrite are independent Public Insurance Loss Assessors and Insurance Claim Negotiators

We act for you, the policy holder as your exclusive representative

  As soon as you realise you have an insurance claim you should contact Claimrite for a free no obligation discussion

We can then advise the best way forward with your claim and take over the conduct of your claim by dealing with your insurer for you

Most people do not know what their insurance policy really covers or what they are truly entitled to in the event of a claim. However, when a claim does occur the insurance company will offer to pay what is due to you as they see it

If we are working for you from the beginning the chances of problems occurring are greatly reduced

The way a claim is prepared and presented is every bit as important as the way in which it is negotiated and settled

However, should problems arise, we can deal with them without delay thus reducing the likelihood of further problems arising

Claimrite’s experience and knowledge allow us to work with you toward a more favourable settlement